Assistant for retrieval is unable to correctly q&a/respond with multiple json files

Hello devs,
I am using the retrieval assistant - trying both the python SDK and the playground. It seems to be working fine with 1 json file i.e it is able to respond correctly to queries on the json. With 2 jsons, it is not responding correctly - one of the files it is unable to search at all and with data in the other file it is responding incorrectly. The two json files are approx 30k, 42k sizes. They have the following structure with sample values -

  • json 1 file:
    “Product name”: “xyz”,
    “Original price”: “123”,
    “Sale price”: “456”,
    “Discount”: “78”


  • json file 2:
    “Product name”: “abc”,
    “SKU or model number”: “mode123”,
    “Sale price”: “123”,
    “Original price”: “456”,
    “Discount”: “78”


They do have different keys.
Any guidelines on structure, keys of jsons??.
The json files are valid ones though.

Some sample incorrect responses -
“I’m currently unable to access the specific details of the Westinghouse Roku TV 70. If there’s anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to ask!”

"The price abc is $149.99【13†so[1]


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Are you using retrieval or code interpreter to search inside the file?

Thanks for the super quick response. As I say in the title/subject line I am using retrieval

one file json/text is not accurate as well. I am using 3.5-turbo-1106. trying different formats, etc in playground.

I’m having the same issue, information from the first file is read and interpreted perfectly, but the second file is simply not used. Any pointers?

I’m just prototyping my app so I could just restructure the JSON, but it would be much easier maintaining two data sources for my use case

Well, I changed the model to gpt4-4-1106-preview and got a message stating the assistant only has access to a file calles roles.json. I then asked if it had access to my second file called describe.json and got the following answer:

No, I do not have access to a file called "describe.json". My access is limited to the roles.json file you have provided, which contains the mappings between each person and their role within a specific project. If you need information about someone's role in the organization based on this file, please let me know and I can assist you with that.

I guess this is not possible yet…