Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

I hope so to… But unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they are doing much to fix it. It just started happening to me today as well, but reading through some of the discussions here and around the web this issue seems to have been going on for some time with little help from support. :disappointed:

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well, it’s not really a bug. it’s a security feature. I’ve encountered it a few times myself over the past couple of months but definitely don’t have to complete it every time I log in (normally using Chrome browser). Other platforms use it, too.

This is happening to me also. GPT-4 is now unusable for me, it’s no longer a viable product. I’m really hoping they can fix this bug soon!

Most of us are having to complete it every time we provide ChatGPT with a prompt. Not just limited to the beginning of a session.

ok - that’s frustrating of course.


Using a different browser worked for me I was having the issue on Chrome and now I’m on Firefox and no longer having the issue. I don’t have many extensions on Firefox though only an Ad Blocker.

holy shit what is this disgustingness? after 10 tries it auto redirects to arkoselabs .com and locks me out of GPT


The same to me. Tried on multiple devices, no luck. Only the App is working.

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Same with me… not sure what is going on . but it works fine on my pc in the other room.

Ever since they allowed access to ChatGPT without an account the captchas are persistent. Many are unsolvable if you’re using incognito mode, anti-tracking extensions or even a VPN.

If you don’t have the issue on other PCs that means your browser has the ChatGPT tracking cookie saved.