Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

I’ve tagged a few people to see if I can dig into this more and find out what might be happening. No promises, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

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Paul just brought this up and it sounds really annoying. Plus, I always thought 2FA would be the puzzle piece to protect one from the captchas.

Would it be an option for you to create a new account and sign-up again using that account and the respective profile?

At least you could access the app with less trouble, I hope.

You should know that this captcha has mostly nothing to do with OpenAI. They out-source a lot of their services. This service in particular is hosted by Arkose Labs.

They do everything in their power to fingerprint you. Apparently using machine learning to understand tactics which to me means that if you do things that resemble botting (such as cookie swapping that ocurra when you swap Chrome Profiles) you just get dinged and lose e-credit.

So, you’re in Elo hell I’d say. :coffin:

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Getting the same today, really annoying as I am on a plus account, I’m nothing to do with a bot, so this detection method is incorrect and frustrating. I did what was listed here in order to first remove this: Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at

Now I am stuck with this annoying Arkose Labs puzzle. This has zero place on a pro account, we are stuck atm.

Also FYI generic error messages are bad UX, it should detail exactly what wrong.


try disabling safe dns or dns blocker on the vpn.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been paying for a year for this service, but now I’ve just been identified as a bot by Arkose with no way to influence it in any way.

So, I don’t have a VPN, i use my personal email to login to Chat. Arkose is drunk. Someone needs to send them home. and then get us back on track. 20 Captchas is ridiculous. I’m paying for a plus account and WAS considering referring others, but I can’t if this is what could happen to them too.

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I just solved 20 puzzles five times, finally getting it right only to only get prompted again after my first chat. This is insanity! Im a Teams customer and ChatGPT just became useless. Has anyone else figured out how to fix this? Im not on a VPN.

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I’m having the exact same issue. 20 images to match after EVERY SINGLE PROMPT.
I’m using MAC and Safari. Cleared cookies/cache, restarted both my router and computer, used private mode, I’m not using a VPN.

Nothing works. I honestly can’t work with this anymore, just too darn frustrating.

Has anyone figured out a solution for this?

Just started happening to me on every single message. This feels like the beginning of the singularity - the computer has reversed the role. Now we are the robots, destined to play a 20-puzzle captcha on every response.

This is crazy i was reading some of the Forums some people have the opinion that they are being ddos, hacked Ext, but i came here and some users have had this issue since 2023. As for me i have never used gpts in the store I decided to try Grimoir for the first time. sure enough right after the first prompt the message came up I believed it was 20 captchas from grimoir so that maybe they dont use ti to reverse train or something but no when i went back to my projects i get hit with 20 captchas per prompt and if you miss 1 your screwed. This IS Realistically Not an advancement and actually a setback I use chat gpt above all howerver if i am using it as a scope to get ahead this will not due. i will temporararily have to find another soultion until this is resolved. I Also read form other users that when you create a ticket it takes days and there is not much development on getting an adequate answer back. Unfortunetly this is a pretty bad situation 20 captchas per promp so I will spend 90 percent of my time verifying prompts and 10 working on my project. That is if the promp does not fail or get stuck then you will have to re-verify the prompt once more. Please Tech support if you see this thread and can reply directly please do so- As for clarification i don’t have multiple accounts, I do not use VPN. for me the only thing i did different was trying to use one of the new features for the first time. I can read that a lot of users are frustrated maybe we haven’t found the response from OpenAI maybe if it was posted somewhere and we did not see it can it please be pinned or tagged or replied to us here or somewhere i wish you good luck with issue and hope that everything can get resolved promptly i wish you a very nice day.

I also was using Grimoir when I got blocked. I’m on Arc Browser as well.

But have tried on Safari and on normal ChatGPT and can’t get out.

Same situation here. I’m a Plus Member and can’t use it at all on my Mac. No Proxies, No VPN. Tried switching browsers Safari,Chrome, Brave, Firefox and does not seem to matter. However I can still use the ios app without captcha challenges which means it’s not a problem with my account but rather the fingerprinting is seriously off and flagging real system hardware configurations as false.

I can confirm that my ios devices indeed do work as well thank you for helping out at least we are working together to figure something else since there has been no response yet.

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I just tried to use another machine (Windows) and I got the captchas again. On the very first prompt … I dont believe this could be do a rate limiting since it’s been at leas 3+ days since I used it for a longer work-assist sessions

I had the same issue today. I restarted my laptop and used my mobile network as a hotspot. The issue was solved after using the mobile hotspot. Hope this will be helpful for those who are experiencing the same problem.

Not sure if this matters but I was mainly using custom private GPT’s I build for myself.

Also I noticed on my first problematic prompt ( that triggered the endless captchas) GPT3.5 was preselected for me. I never used it since I got access to GPT4 so I dont know how/why it was preselected for me

Is this forum monitored by anyone? What’s the longest this issue has lasted for someone?

Mine started about 6 hours ago. Is this all from today, or has this been a multi-day problem for people?

Mine started about 6 hours as well, and I have been a heavy Pro user for about 10 months now. I logged into my ChatGPT account on my Android and was able to use the prompts without the 20 pattern puzzle. I’ve tried everything on multiple laptops in my house and different browsers (i.e. Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge) to no avail. I wonder if my phone worked because I wasn’t on my Cox WiFi? What if I opened a new email account and signed up for a new ChatGPT account?

The issue just started today–at least from what I can tell. I was using the system last evening and when I sat down tonight to get back to work–everything is screwed up. There are a few workarounds (use your phone app and/or use your phone hotspot). I do know if they don’t fix this and stop wasting people’s time–folks will cancel and use an alternative.

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