Artificial Intelligence and Opinion Polling

I am pleased to share with the community that AI, LLMs, natural-language processing, and text embeddings can be of use for enhancing opinion polling technologies [1][2].

I just shared with the Civic Technology Community Group mailing list:

Artificial intelligence systems, virtual opinion pollsters, can perform structured, semi-structured, and unstructured surveys, questionnaires, and interviews across a number of communication channels (e.g., Web-based chatbots, email, telephone, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook, Slack, Kik, Telegram, Line, GroupMe, Twilio, WebEx, WhatsApp, Zoom, RingCentral, etc.).

Recent advancements to artificial intelligence and natural-language processing, e.g., text embeddings, are interesting to consider with respect to the advancement of opinion polling technologies. With natural-language processing, virtual opinion pollsters can perform open-ended questions [1], e.g., follow-up questions which might explore rationales, justifications, and argumentation of respondents’ previous answers.

In addition to being able to perform predefined lists, or sequences, of questions, virtual opinion pollsters can traverse larger trees or graphs of questions, with paths branching, or varying, based upon respondents’ answers.

Thank you. I hope that these ideas are interesting to you. Any thoughts?