How to called custom gpt from other platfomrs - Gpts API

Hi!, I have built a custom GPT and I want it to be called from a developed APP. How could I do that?
Based on what I have being reading in this community there is no custom GPT API to be called, but there is an ChatGPT API that you could use?. I does not make sense. Could someone help me with this issue? I really appreciated. Thanks.

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Are there some information about the guide to add my custom-GPT to my node project using some customAPI , or adding some parameter to gpt url api, please
Help to solve this inquire

This is not possible.

GPTs can only be accessed through

What do you mean called? Wrapped in by another app, or just communicated with? The latter is possible.

You can use an open-source project like this GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api and replicate your GPT using Assistants api and access it from anywhere

We made a thread about this since people ask the same question so much: Guide: Turn GPTs into Assistants and put them on your website