Api request to set the billing limit

Hi Guys

I was wondering what is API endpoints (and example) for setting the hardlimit / softlimit via API request?

Also, can it be set (I hope not) by API key generated by a member who is a reader, not owner, of the organization?

*Reason for this query: apparently my hard limit and soft limit was increased automatically to max (i didn’t do it so i am wondering if my account is hacked or API key or both , also as a precaution /increase security)


Welcome to the forum, thenewera.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to change the hard or soft limits from an API call of any level, also my hard-limit was set to the maximum by default, i.e. you need to go in manually to lower it.

Hi Foxabilo
thanks for sharing your experience
I also lowered the limit and it stayed like that for months. Last week I modified my limit to avoid such scenarios but again way lower than my hard limit.
And yesterday, i found out that my hard and soft limits were set to the same amount, i.e., the account’s maximum. I do not think openai will do it automatically. So the only thing I can think of is my account being hacked or API key.

Now if you are saying not possible to set this via API key then only thing is my account being hacked (if openai didn’t defaulted my limits to maximum automatically)


I would defiantly change your password and enable 2 factor authentication to be on the safe side.

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