API Keys vanished overnight


Just a quick question from a novice user. I’m working a platform for a bunch of teachers in our school district. I was hoping to track usage from each school, so I created a different API key for each one. In my code, I simply run a switch statement to use the appropriate key depending on which teacher logs in.

However when I logged back into OpenAI today to check a few things, I noticed all the new school keys are gone on the API keys page. All that’s left are the first two I made during initial development.

Is there a limit on these I don’t know about? It didn’t stop me from making them initially.

Thanks for any and all help!


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Can you try a hard refresh of the page? I think they had problems yesterday… there’s a couple threads, and an OpenAI employee dropped in. If it’s not fixed, they’ll want to know.

Also, keys are revoked if they’re leaked, but I don’t think they’re deleted… Another thing might be that you set them up during problems yesterday?

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick reply - I tried the hard refresh (tried again just now for good measure) :slight_smile: but no change.

I can remake them and see if it happens again. But as far as you know, there’s no rule about maximum number of API keys per account or whatnot?



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Yeah, here’s the thread(s)…

Maybe you just timed it weirdly?

Try again and let us know. Make sure not to leak them too.

Good luck.

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