API keys seem to have disappeared (but are still working)

It’s basically the exact same issue that someone talked about here:


When I go to platform.openai.com/api-keys a whole bunch of my API keys suddenly do not appear in the list anymore. However, they are still working and I can even see that their usage is being tracked on the platform.openai.com/usage page.

This is rather annoying because one of my API keys I think I didn’t give the correct permissions and I wanted to edit that, but since it’s not listed I can’t edit it anymore…

Today i have same issue.
Api key still work, but it’s not listed .

The same here. I have 2 API keys but now I only see one! The other key is created, still usable but now disappear

(mine are all there, all three)

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happen to multiple people in our org. This is pretty bad, raised in chat and I’m not sure that does anything other than knowing that I’m chatting to a bot.