API Keys Dissapeared -- No Trace of API Keys

So I had over a dozen API keys, some of which were being used by projects which I have published. Of course they were kept secret and protected.

However,… I’m trying to use one of the API keys, and im unable to.
I went into my dashboard, and ALL of my API keys just dissapeared?

I thought maybe it could be a billing issue? But no there have been no issues? And ive received no notification from OpenAI about the keys being lost.

Where are my API keys? Has this happened to anyone else ?

Can you check from the links below?

Legacy API Keys

Project API Keys

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No i know, thank youu. The api keys were genuinely missing. no legacy no project api keys. They have returned but I am unable to use any of them still for some reason. Its telling me my quota was exceeded. but my quota is perfectly fine when i check billing. Its really unusual