API Key Data Limits - First time plugin developer

I want to build a chatGPT plugin but I have a questions regarding the API Key Data limits.

I know I need the API key to write my initial code in order to send a request and get the response, but when I deploy the code, do I deploy it with my API Key with my data limit too or will users use their own data limits to use my plugin through a public API Key or something like it.

In other words, do I have to pay for the users data usage if the code has my API Key or users use their own chatGPT access through their logged in sessions? Or do users get charged according to their usage? Or what’s the best practice to use the API in a plugin?

You’ll want to keep your API key safe and secure on a server and bill your customers appropriately. Bring Your Own Key projects aren’t generally recommended, especially if you’re new.

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In case you ask your user to buy tokens, you should know that then tokens price is not fixed.