Are the "files" api free?

Hello everyone,

To speed up some processes I’ll have to make some API calls to this endpoint:

does it cost more compared to a normal use inside the OpenAI platform?
TY all

As per the pricing URL,

Assistants API and tools Each assistant incurs its own retrieval file storage fee based on the files passed to that assistant. The retrieval tool chunks and indexes your files content in our vector database.

Tool Input
Code interpreter $0.03 / session (free until 12/13/2023)
Retrieval $0.20 / GB / assistant / day (free until 01/12/2024)

The tokens used for the Assistant API are billed at the chosen language model’s per-token input / output rates and the assistant intelligently chooses which context from the thread to include when calling the model


TY, I knew the cost of the retrieval, but the files API itself it’s free am I right?

Couldn’t find any mentions of extra costs, and they are pretty transparent there. There should be no surprises.

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