Api create image : very large difference between API and Chat


I just tested the new ChatGPT feature for generating images, and I’ve compared it to the API update for image generation. The results are astonishing; there is a 10-generation gap between the two!!! With the exact same prompt, here are the results obtained.

I haven’t found any information explaining such a difference. Do you have more details to share with me?

Thanks !

PS : here the used prompt (in french :wink: ): “génère moi un logo de plongeur avec un ordinateur”

With ChatGPT

With Open API : v1/images/generation

Yeah, DALLE Labs and DALLE API are still on DALLE2 while ChatGPT Plus has DALLE3 … which will come to Labs and API soon…

Hi, it is recommended to translate your french prompt to english first then request image in english. The result will be dramatically better.

See this thread: Image generation API supported natural languages

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