Anybody want to test Prompt Perfect?

I made a plugin designed to enhance user experience by rephrasing input prompts for better responses. It optimizes for what 3.5-turbo thinks ChatGPT will respond best to.

If you have plugin access, you can install w/ the link either in “install unverified” or “develop your own”

The tl;dr is if you type ‘perfect’ in front of your prompt and ChatGPT believes it can be written better, it will refine it. Also if it identifies any prompts that you don’t use that for, but seem to lack the it factor for prompts, it will auto-refine. Here are the basics on a simple site.

Here’s a breakdown of how I built it.

If you do test it, here’s a typeform for feedback. I’d really appreciate it!


Tried your plugin. even though I prefixed my input with perfect, your plugin wasn’t called. Any idea what I might have done wrong?

perfect please list some of the best websites, blogs, reddits or substacks for following Large Language Model technology

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oh damn, appreciate that. It was working last time I checked but just went through the flow and looks like something has broken the past few days. digging into it.

I believe the issue is your prompt is pretty good, haven’t run into that before but good thing to discover.

I just tested with perfect a list of the best websites for following Large Language Model technology and it initiated

I might play around and see if I can update this line in ‘description_for_model’ to work with any prompt The plugin evaluates user inputs and, if necessary, transforms them into clearer, more specific, and contextual prompts. Appreciate the feedback, very helpful

Glad to see one opinion, even if an automated one, that I’m starting to learn to write decent prompts!

I’ll give it another shot.
(that was actually a prompt for my search plugin, llmsearch, btw. The problem I was looking to watch for is it is rather long for a web search prompt. Unfair to expect your plugin to notice that, though. )


Yeah, one of the cool things about Prompt Perfect is if you do searches that someone might do on google like “best sites about LLMs” it works well

For example

GPT 4 with best sites about LLMs:

Prompt perfect with perfect best sites about LLMs:

It’s tailored to make very basic prompts give out much more hopefully useful outputs

Super cool! Will check it out

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I would love to test your project, could we connect and collaborate?

Hey there,

Currently figuring out how plugins work and that looks really promising!

Would love to chat and understand more

Plugin doesn’t seem to work for me. It won’t allow me to select it on the plugin list, even if I click it, it stays deselected. I thought maybe that was intended. But when I prefix my prompt with the word perfect it never works. Here’s an example:

Do you have any benchmark that prove that your prompt reformulation brings better results ?

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You can only select 3 at a time, so you’d have to deselect one of the others before enabling it.

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I did a lot of testing and it works particularly well with simple prompts, similar to what you’d use for google search. As far as specific, measurable benchmark? No.

Although a lot of testing and 9/10 times it provides more context and detail and the prompts it returns are tailored to ChatGPT.

I have an idea. If somebody could create a floating text box. If while you were writing a prompt it could create a list of auto suggest prompts to choose from. For example, the word “compare” would give a list of well formatted prompts for comparing.

nice idea! with current plugin setup that functionality won’t work. However a lot of people are building cool browser extensions for that, you should check out

Love it!

Just one question. Are you paying for all those transformations yourself?

guilty as charged. I was exploring monetization options directly in ChatGPT but they’ve updated their policies regarding paywalled plugins.

atm looking to build a secondary product outside of the plugin and hopefully start acquiring users to offset the costs. it’s a learning process, but happy to front the costs currently to see if it’s a viable solution to people’s problems.

Add a “buy me a coffee” thing on your webpage.

Another point of positive feedback!

I think this is great work (I want to publish something like this, too - automate help with prompting). Love this space!

have you seen the app aiprm? may give you some monetization ideas.

Hi, it’s just me or can’t find this plugin on plugin store? l’m currently based in Italy

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