Anybody want to test Prompt Perfect?

It’s not just you, I pushed an update to the code and the plugin was automatically unverified.

We’ve resubmitted and are hoping to be re-added to the store any day now.

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Thanks for your answer. Done everything you said, I patiently wait for it to be reinserted. Thank you.

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Hi. Did you pull your plugin from the plugin store? Can’t find it anymore? Would love to try it out.


I’ll come back and check in a day or two.

Have a good one,


I tried the plugin. I typed “a prompt for santa claus”. Something simple. It worked but it didn’t seem to do anything that ChatGPT wouldn’t already do on its own. So I am not sure how I would use it. I THOUGHT, because its called “Perfect Prompt” that it created the perfect AI Graphic prompt for DALL-E or something. But that is not what it is about.
Question: Why do we need a “perfect” prompt? What would be the purpose of having a perfect prompt as opposed to an imperfect prompt?

Prompt Perfect won’t know something like “a prompt for santa claus” is for an ai-generated image prompt.

If you want a prompt that you can then use on DALL-E, you may want to do this “perfect create an ai image prompt for santa claus that could be used in Dall-E” → you can click to see the prompt

Used it before and it was pretty cool, just tried it again and can’t get it to connect to the plugin service.

If you had it installed prior to this Wednesday, you’ll need to uninstall the old unverified version and re-install the new version.

If you search Prompt Perfect in the plugin store, you’ll see a new version to install.

The version with the shield can be uninstalled. If you run into issues let us know!