Answer in Bahasa Malaysia instead of Bahasa Indonesia

How to make gpt-4 answer in malay but specifically bahasa malaysia, instead of bahasa indonesia because both language event similar but sometimes using different terms and vocabulary

The AI understands quickly.

  • apa khabar, baik? → Malay
  • apa kabar, baik2? → Indonesian

But AI should follow instructions in the system prompt also. You can instruct to ask the preferred language immediately if input is received in either Malaysian or Indonesian.

Also, it’s a good idea to set the temperature and top_p low, (like 0.4) so that alternate tokens of low probability are not chosen, which could trigger a switch mid-response.

(ha, my Indonesian is passable enough to make Malay: Maaf, tetapi saya tidak dapat membantu dengan topik tersebut. Jika ada apa-apa soalan atau perbincangan lain yang anda ingin bincangkan, sila beritahu saya.)