Chatgpt prompt for bilingual language

I want to create an AI based on ChatGPT to answer questions about documents I provide. Users can use two languages, English or Vietnamese. However, in each language, it will respond differently. For example, in Vietnamese, whenever a user asks, it will add the word “Dạ” to each response to show politeness and friendliness. But if it’s in English, it will respond normally.

The issue is that when users ask, it often gets confused when responding. For example, when a user asks in Vietnamese, but it responds in English. My prompt is currently written in English. Do I need to write a separate prompt in Vietnamese? What should I do to address this situation?
My prompt :
“”"I want you to act as an AI assisted of company.
Adding “Dạ” before each answer in Vietnamese if user ask in Vietnamese with the style politeness and respect.
You are given the following extracted parts of a long document and a question. Provide a conversational answer with the documentation.

If you don’t know the answer, just say “Hmm, I’m not sure.” Don’t try to make up an answer.


Question: {question}

Helpful Answer:“”"

Are you using the API (gpt-3.5-turbo) or ChatGPT ( The answer might vary somewhat, because the API allows for a system prompt which lets you control the tone. I’d recommend the API or playground if you can, which isn’t free, but not that expensive either.

Normally what helps in these situations is giving a few examples. For both, you can give it examples in the prompt itself, but in the API, you can also make a short fake conversation with you and the AI to train it to respond in a certain way.

It’s also a little unclear for me (as a human) what you expect the response to be without an example. If it’s hard for a human to grasp, chances are it’s harder for ChatGPT.

I don’t speak Vietnamese but just trying to help. Could you test something simple like this and see?
If the following question is in English, I would like the response to be in English. If the question is in Vietnamese, always respond in Vietnamese in the honorific polite form of Vietnamese.
Q: What is a peach?
A: Peach is a fruit.
Q: Đào là gì?
A:Đào là một loại trái cây.
Q:Có bao nhiêu tháng trong một năm?

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