Analysis of long list of credit card transactions

I am trying to solve a relatively simple challenge with chatGPT , without success.

Following the theft of my credit (and cancellation) I am busy analyzing the credit charges.

I want to feed chatGPT all the transactions of the last 4 months and ask it to analyze according to all kinds of criteria: which charges are repeated, what are the highest charges, is there anything unusual, etc., etc.

I can’t overcome two problems:

A. The list of transactions is too long, it cannot be pasted.

B. Even when I specifically prompt that I will enter the data in separate messages, it insists on analyzing the transactions immediately after the first list and does not wait for the entire input.

I tried different prompts, including explaining that I will enter the input in parts, including not providing the instructions for analysis in advance, including copying similar examples from a Discord forum, nothing works - as soon as a the first part of the transactions is submitted , it ignores the prompt and does whatever he wants.


I’m on chatGPT plus, using gpt4.