All my conversations with chatGPT is gone

I just logged into ChatGPT, and all my previous conversations are now gone. I didn’t click “Clear conversations”, as all the conversations were there yesterday.
i checked the release notes but there is anything about such problems,


We know. There’s a thread here…

I will not be replying to anything else in this duplicate thread …

When I will get all my chats back? If they limited resources ChatGPT can allow us to integrate our g-drive so all the chats could be saved there in our one drive in json format.


Thanks for the tip had forgotten to save a few. Only addition id have is have chatgpt write a python code that copies the currently selected chatgpt window, open a new notepad file, and save with whatever naming structure you use.


This felt like my whole family’s & bf’s chat history just got erased… :slightly_frowning_face:


@irontruths99 unfortunately for me the history trick doesn’t bring these chats up but rather a new chat :frowning:

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Thanks for your suggestions. I am actually using Safari by the way. I am logged into ChatGPT but those urls with the numbers of previous chats just open to a new chat. So sad!!!

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i remember some prompt name and can access them but the big problem is you can not save any new prompt. is there any solution ?

Relax. Has happened before, they’ll fix it.

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do you know what is the big problem , when you look at the openai status site you will see
Mar 8, 2023
No incidents reported today.


All Previous ChatGPT History Gone
There is a main thread on this topic if you want

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my too! some of the conversations are very important, what’s going on…
is there any chance previous chat restore?

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It’s back refresh and look at it I had to press a button and it was back…

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I don’t know how but after trying many options mentioned above, I just simply asked the chat how can it be fixed, and as I pressed enter the chat reappeared. Anyone else having it back?

me too… my position is just the same with you… and even i don’t know what’s going on, what’s the reason, what can I do now!

All of mine are gone too. I used the button to restore them, and now they are gone again and no button. If I create a new chat, it does not show up on the sidebar. Nothing is being saved now. What to do? I know they are there somewhere, or were?

this is f rediculous, from now on i am gong to do control paste and print on all my chat, can’t relied on the history on the left or the Chat GPT prompt genis prompt, it doe snot work only capture 30% of my history since, Jan 15. i spent more than 5 hours every day chatting from religions to quantum mechanics to startup on hologram…fock!!! now all gone!!! going to do screen print now on…damn…

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I logged out. shut chat gpt window. reopened , logged back in and all convos are back for me.


Thanks a lot! I have tried this and happily this worked for me.

It worked! I think this should be pinned on the thread. Its a bit frustrating open your chat history and see it gone.