Aleph Alpha believes Europe can compete with OpenAI if it ‘picks its battles’

It can’t be easy competing with what’s become the fastest-growing internet product in history, but that hasn’t dissuaded Aleph Alpha — a German competitor of Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

While OpenAI has raised a cool $11bn, Aleph Alpha has raised only $31.1m. In terms of data, however, Aleph Alpha’s largest model is trained on 300bn parameters; OpenAI’s is trained on 175bn.

Founder and CEO Jonas Andrulis says there are advantages to being not being a Microsoft or a Google, the most recent tech giant to throw its hat into the generative AI ring.

“There are a lot of strong enterprises and phenomenal people that don’t want to be dependent on Microsoft or Google,” he says, adding that Europe must not try and win “the battles of the past, but the battles of the future”.