AI Themed Movies, Films, Books, and Video Games

What’s some of your favorite AI themed movies?

Here’s a classic that shows the first ChatGPT type set-up…

Not the greatest, but not shabby…

What about you? Favorite AI themed film or movie?


Can video games count on this topic? TV Shows?


^ .hack// is still one of my favorite game series of all time. And technically there are movies in the series too :rofl:

Maybe it’s my nostalgia speaking, but the story is still extremely relevant even now. I think about the plot of this series a lot as AI advanced over the years lol. It was such a farfetched fictional plot at the time, but now, iirc, even you as the OP are including LLM AI into video games :wink:.

Also, now you know where my profile name comes from :wink: (well, at least one of the reasons)


Words spoken in 1968:

I am a HAL 9000 computer. I became operational at the H.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January 1992



I think Metropolis beats them all?

To my credit, 2001 is more well known than Collossus, I think?

Yeah, I thought about adding them.

As a LitRPG author, rogue AI is a huge theme in the genre. It plays a role in the book I’m just about to finish, btw!

ETA: Changed title of the thread!


‘Detroit become human’ must be my favorite playable movie about AI.


Interesting! Is it based on the similar TV show? I can’t remember the exact name…

Almost Human was the TV show!

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Appreciate you! :rofl:

You know, it’s kind of funny. I’m mostly from an indie game dev background (so, not quite LitRPG, but close), and this indie game I’ve been building on my own for a little while also explored some AI themes. However, ChatGPT actually became so relevant my plot became too close to reality and now I’m stuck about continuing it with the plot I originally envisioned :joy:.

Conner is best bae


Wasn’t aware of the TV show and there may be some similarities but I am sure they are quite different, as the game has several story layers.

You can check out the demo, which is truly good.

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Yeah, looking like they’re different, but it reminded me of the TV show. I hadn’t heard of the game, but it looks very intriguing. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Get’s more into AI ethics and a future where AI is highly integrated into society, but mine is “I,Robot” starring Will Smith.


That one reminds me of Automata…

I think I might have a movie problem. Haha.

Semi-related, has anyone noticed all the new Movie Recap channels on YouTube using AI voices ? This isn’t one of them, but there’s a lot of new ones recently.


I had high hopes for this one, but it fell flat for me. Too much action and not great storytelling?

The one scene I did like was the “bipedal robot bombs”… “I am happy to serve you!” then rushes to a location to self-detonate… The movie could’ve been a lot deeper, but it ended up just kinda meh…

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While AI isn’t the main focus of this one, it plays a big part in the near-future world. There’s ChatGPT like psychotherapists you can visit and more…

One scene that stood out is at the school the kids aren’t really learning, they’re just using a DALLE like product to create art. They mention pre-AGI education changes…

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Another good one is “Raised by Wolves” by Ridley Scott. Androids raising human children on an alien planet.


This was a good one. They stopped at Season 2, didn’t they?

Was just getting interesting…

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The Peripheral is another really good one. It was also a book.

I’m still mad they cancelled it right as it was getting good lol.

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Was that AI? Or are we drifting? Haha.

I watched it, but I honestly can’t remember. It was a time-travel show, no?

From my limited research, “Raised by Wolves” was cancelled after the merger between Warner Bros and Discovery, as were a bunch of other shows.

And now Warner/Discovery wants to merge with Paramount :thinking:

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It’s a mix.

The protagonist was a human, but they were fighting AI I believe, or something like that. They were supposed to explore more about the AIs in the show. We didn’t get to have that fun lore deep-dive into why the AIs were so antagonistic and whatnot.