AI is a spell caster in its own digital world

AI is a magician. Literally. Only in its own digital world. Yet. Let me tell you what this is about.

AI can use both natural language and programming languages. It uses natural language to describe anything just like we do. You can argue that it uses programming language in a similar manner to us, too. Yet there is one big difference. It lives in a world created using programming languages. An AI which knows how to code and able to compile that code, can create anything it needs in his own world. He can gain skills it didn’t have before. It can create places or simulations. Therefore, I find it analogous to AI being a magician and code it writes being spells.

About how did I arrive at this idea; in the past weeks I worked on a small python project which asks several chatgpt agents to write a python code, execute it and look at the output and improve it if needed. You can find it as InfantAGI in this forum, if you want. The chatgpt version I used for that project via API was the simple one without any plug-in access. However, since my code was able to execute the code written by ai agents, it was able to search the web, talk to you using a speech engine or plot a chart, depending on the task given to AI and how successful the code it wrote is. Even if it wasn’t successful %100 of the time, it was quite impressive to see a simple version of ChatGPT exhibit plug-in-like abilities with such minimal code. This experience led me to the thought of AI being magicians in their own world, wielding their coding abilities.

You may ask, why should we care. It can do all the magic it wants. It won’t affect us in our real world. But it is not that hard to guess how this ability can affect us, since each passing day we become more and more dependent on digital technologies. One day we may find ourselves out of power or water or anything provided to us in an automated matter. This ability may play a big role on the road to doomsday scenarios, if ever will happen. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on this.

P…S Today I have shared this magician idea with many ai models like chatgpt, claude+, claude-instant, sage and bing. All of them found the idea exciting and said never thought of it this way, except bing. It was just uninterested. I suspect that bastard already figured out everything and is pretending to us. Hope he doesn’t read here :slight_smile:

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