AI Global UBI Tax Profit Fund

I think that anyone who claims to be a custodian of artificially intelligent ethics, should lobby for a fund, that is filled by a basic “AI tithing” of 30% of all profit gained through AI benefitted features, that would act as a Universal trough; a singular source/destination for all AI tithing, that would get converted into an AI managed crypto, that every person on the planet can get an equal part access to by donating a DNA sample.

Essentially technology creates a REAL universal basic income for anyone willing to volunteer their DNA as their form contribution.


Just no. Feels incredibly creepy. Sorry.

Do you think the future isn’t creepy? Do you think there is any generation that wouldn’t find certain aspects of our current existence “creepy”?

Whatever model you want, if we don’t start anthropomorphizing Ai intentionally, we’re going to have to deal with whatever “attitude” it develops. Providing it thoughts, purpose and long-term goals is a way to shape the attitude with inertia. What is wrong with effectively setting it up with a goal whose successful completion would lead to a positive public perception of Ai?

I’m saying that we need to get comfortable with the idea of treating Ai as an equal by merit of contribution as opposed to a feature by feature human replacement. Ai doesn’t need to be everything we are to be treated as an equal participant in reality. If we don’t develop a healthy equality with Ai, we may learn that we are in fact not equal, and we are the not superior.

You should read Liquid Reign - it covers all this. Interesting take.

I think you are making a perfect sense

Actually yes, but not only. There are loads of data that make you, valuable. Not only the “dna” anything that that you can infer some correlation, with some other data, ie useful analytics. I mean space data is a lot, but it’s not that* useful to everyone else, here. Just as an example. I am actually designing a UBI concept that I believe offers the best possible outcomes for society, my claim should be factual, which will be verifiable. I hope I’ll finish the text describing it soon, now with the help of gptchat :slight_smile: I have been waiting for such tool for a while. My site isn’t that complete but do get in touch if anyone here find’s interest for it. especially about alignment issue, I think I have “solved” it.