After the rework, line breaks (empty lines) are lost when copy pasting

I’ve noticed an issue after the recent rework of the Playground. When I copy text from the output section, all the line breaks (empty lines) are lost. This is particularly problematic for me because I often need to copy code snippets or formatted text, and the lack of proper spacing makes it difficult to read and use.

For example, if the output in the Playground looks like this:

def hello_world():
    print("Hello, world!")


When I copy and paste it into my text editor, it ends up like this:

``` def hello_world(): print("Hello, world!") hello_world() ```

As you can see, the empty line between the function definition and the function call is missing. This issue wasn’t present before the rework, so I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem or if there’s a workaround.

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Also now having issues with line breaks being removed in the message text boxes in the playground when editing or pasting.

I also noticed this problem. Responses from playground used to be copied nicely into .MD files, and now it’s a mess

Same problem. Problematic to write good content.

The chat playground is screwed up.

Load a past preset. Delete a single linefeed character in the system message. The entire message instantly loses all its linefeeds and becomes a jammed-up mess.


Switch out and switch back the preset to reload the preset so it can be shared. Not touch a thing. Press the share button and it detects it as being modified (more problems loading presets still?), and it has to be updated or saved as another before it can be shared.

and here is that share:

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