Text collapsing when editing in playground

When I make certain text edit actions to the main system prompt (e.g. deleting a character in the middle of the text) the text collapses (i.e. all the new lines disappear).

This is a pretty serious bug as it makes editing the system prompt impossible in the main text area (I’m not going to have to copy/paste from a text file, and hope that doesn’t collapse)


Same problem here. We need line breaks! Bring them back.


Same problem. I really wish they would stop messing with the UI for the playground every 3-6 weeks. All it does it render the Playground with bugs that results in it being unusable for 1-2 weeks each time.

Same problem, @GreyArea you may want to post this in the bugs category, I can’t post links otherwise I’d link it, but the partial is /c/api/bugs/30

Same - and also occasionally the screen goes blank and I lose all the generated text.