Adding data from large Excel workbooks

I have a large workbook in excel with multiple pages, but the bring your own data function doesn’t allow me to upload an excel workbook. As I want to keep the table format, what would be the best thing to convert this to?

I can convert to word and then pdf to keep the formatting nice, but this will cut off columns as the worksheet is too large.

I can convert it to a txt file which keeps all the data but the formatting is all over the place.

What’s the optimal solution for handling large workbooks in a bring your own data model?

For context the workbook is the MITRE framework excel export.

Hey champ, and welcome to the community!

Try converting it to a csv file or a markdown table instead, that should keep the formatting intact :laughing:


Thank you, just happy to be here! And thank you for the fast response!

csv would be ideal but it says the only file upload types allowed are: (.txt, .md, .html, .pdf, .docx, .pptx).


So just to clarify, the formatting will matter to the AI search? i.e. it won’t recognise the tabbed spaces as new columns?

I have just noticed that .md is an acceptable format. Thank you @N2U


You’re welcome!

im happy we found a solution, I don’t know why the CSV format isn’t listed. I’ve uploaded loads of CSV files and have never had issues with it :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that csv files no longer work:

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