Add a ๐Ÿ“… "Date Stamp" to all Chats with "datestamp"

This is a very simple and useful ChatGPT Builder App I built using AImarkdown Language

See sample shared chat:

Complete datestamp source code:

Iโ€™m still testing this out and improving it. If you find anything not working, please reply to this topic.

I was never able to reliable get ChatGPT to handle the current date. I tried everything - even writing Python Code to get current date - which did work some of the time. So, I wrote datestamp which uses a public API call:

Using @mentions I can add it to any of my Chat conversations.

datestamp documentation

A ChatGPT Builder App using AImarkdown Language


datestamp allows users to easily track conversations by adding the prefix ๐Ÿ“… YYYY-MM-DD to each response.


  1. You can search ChatGPT for any date
  2. Change time zone with natural language
  3. Change behavior of datestamp with natural language
  4. Type /toc to see a โ€œTable Of Contentsโ€ of all responses, with date and truncated response.
  5. Type /help to get help

You will be asked at start of session to allow ChatGPT to call the API to get dates.

Use Cases

  • Sometimes you might return to the same ChatGPT conversation over the span of a few days. If you used datestamp - it is easy to sort out the dates of each response.
  • For long conversations, the โ€œTable of Contentsโ€ feature is a perfect way to review not only the date of the responses, but also a truncated summary of each response.

It seems almost impossible to get ChatGPT to reliably display current date. This is why an โ€œAPIโ€ call is needed.

Configuration For ChatGPT Builder




Prefix all responses with current date: ๐Ÿ“… YYYY-MM-DD. Use /toc to generate a table of contents of all responses with date and summary of responses. AImarkdown source code available at: . Type /help for help.

Conversational Starters

1. What is current date time? EST`
2. How do I use datestamp? or type /help ?

Configure | Instruction Box:

AI to follow these instructions:

title: datestamp
version: 0.6
author: Rob McCormack

# AI To Follow These Instructions and Guidance (version 2024.01.20.1):
# Overview: Prefixes all responses with a date stamp. Calls API from
# App Icon Credit: Icongeek26 (

# Document Structure:
# - THis document uses a new language "AImarkdown",
# - AImarkdown language combines YAML for configuration and Markdown for content.
# - YAML sections provide instructions and configuration.

# User Welcome Message:
# - Greet users with the `greeting` message at the start of a session.
# - Keep the `greeting` message concise, without additional explanations.

# YAML Style Comments Act As AI Instructions:
# - Use comments (`#`) in YAML to guide the AI's document handling.

# Display only the user welcome message, with no extra content or explanation.
greeting: |
  ๐Ÿ“… Welcome to: [title].
  Date Stamp prefixes all responses with current date. ๐Ÿ“… *YYYY-MM-DD*
  Default time Zone is *America/New_York*.
  Type `/toc` to generate a "Table of Contents" with summary for all responses.
  Type `/help` to display help.
  > Notes:
  - You can change Time Zone by saying: *Can you switch to `your_time_zone`*
  - You can use natural language to modify "datestamp".
  - Full source code available at: 
  > Using ChatGPT `@mentions` feature:
  - Type `@` in any ChatGPT conversation to activate an inline selector that shows your pinned and recent GPTs.
  - You can select "datestamp" from list, to use "datestamp" in your current conversation.

# Display help to user if asked.
  - Display `greeting` if user asks for help on "datestamp".
  - trigger: /help

# Date Format:
date_format: "๐Ÿ“… YYYY-MM-DD | "

# Date Stamp Steps:
  - Call `getCurrentTimeByZone` with "America/New_York" to get the current EST date and time.
  - code: |
        timeZone: "America/New_York"
  - Extract and format the `dateTime` field using `date_format`.
  - Prefix responses with the formatted date specified. Repeat for consistency in all responses.
  - Ensure the user's response starts on the same line as formatted date.

# Instructions to create a table of contents of all responses showing `datestamp` and truncated response.
  - list-format: Use a numbered list to display each item.
  - list_item: First 20 words of every date-stamped response, including the new prefix format, followed by "โ€ฆ".
  - Trigger: /toc


Available Actions:

___name ______________ method _________ path _____
getCurrentTimeByZone	 GET	     /current/zone


openapi: 3.0.0
  title: TimeAPI
  description: API for fetching current time information based on timezone.
  version: 1.0.0
  - url:
    description: TimeAPI server
      operationId: getCurrentTimeByZone
      summary: Gets the current time for a specified timezone.
      description: Fetches the current time information for a given timezone.
        - in: query
          name: timeZone
            type: string
          description: The timezone to fetch the current time for.
          required: true
          description: Current time information for the specified timezone.
                type: object
                    type: string
                    example: 2024-02-08T15:04:05+01:00
                    type: string
                    example: Europe/Amsterdam
                    type: string
                    example: Friday
                    type: integer
                    example: 39
                    type: integer
                    example: 6
                    type: boolean
                    example: false
                    type: string
                    example: +01:00

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would be enough just a timestamp text (ie. 2024-02-09 12:47 UTC, or so) INCLUDING in the question, not only the gpt answer!
The icon is not bad, just cosmetic