Adapting ChatGPT Plugin Quickstart from Quart to FastAPI

Hi everyone,

I am excited to share with you a project I have been working on recently. As many of you know, OpenAI provides a ChatGPT Plugin Quickstart based on the Quart framework. However, I decided to adapt it to FastAPI, a modern, high-performance, web framework for building APIs.

FastAPI has some advantages over Quart, including faster speed, better interactive documentation, and greater flexibility. My goal with this project was to demonstrate how ChatGPT can be integrated with FastAPI to create a powerful and efficient API.

During the adaptation process, I made sure to maintain the original functionality of the ChatGPT Plugin Quickstart. You can find the code in my GitHub repository chatgpt-plugins-fastapi-quickstart, and I would be glad to receive any feedback or suggestions for improvements.


I’m interested in your project, but I couldn’t find the code in your GitHub repository. Could you please provide a link to the repository?

Sorry, The forum won’t let me share links. Let me see if I can get you there.