ChatGPT Plugin Development Tutorial

Hey developers! For those who are struggling (especially beginners) with ChatGPT plugin development and find the official documentation lacking, I wrote a comprehensive tutorial on how to build a simple ChatGPT plugin. You can read it here.

In my tutorial, I’ve outlined how you can structure your plugin for an improved developer experience. In particular, I show how you can leverage FastAPI’s automatic OpenAPI schema generation for faster prototyping. For example, I explain how you can generate descriptions for your endpoints directly from your code—no manual editing of the OpenAPI spec. I also go explain in-depth how you can install your localhost plugin in ChatGPT.

I hope this tutorial is helpful for everyone! You can find the source code for the tutorial here.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could consider utilizing ChatGPT for a more pleasant tone. :slightly_smiling_face:


rephrase so tone is nicer

find the official documentation lacking


I find that the official documentation could be improved.

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Haha, that would definitely be an improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did a quick cursory read of your tutorial. It is very nice :slightly_smiling_face: and I really liked that you used FastAPI.

There are some things that were not of my preference but will DM (direct message) you if you need feedback.

Thanks for posting such, the tutorial reads more like someone trying to help than someone trying to grab attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

@EricGT Thanks for reading my tutorial. And yes FastAPI is really great for building plugins.
Feel free to DM me. I would really love to hear your feedback.

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