Can gpt obtain external data through Python?

I used python to get data from my mongodb api, and wrote my codes in the Instructions.However, it showed error:
ConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool: Max retries exceeded with url.
Does gpt not support this action? How can I solve this problem?

who is in USA? I need some real practice help to start using Assistant API

The AI’s python code interpreter (“advanced data analysis”) does not have an internet access method. That is what makes it a “sandbox” (You cannot mount attacks against internet sites from OpenAI using AI-written code…)

The actions method allows you to interface with an authenticated API server, where data can be retrieved based on your query or other API input. The AI will call upon the external action with simple language when, from the description of the action it sees, the knowledge or action behind the API can fulfill the user’s task.

The big point here is that /mnt/data is an overlay, not purely a sandbox. Note how the files uploaded via the chat interface go there, and the files produced by Dalle go there too. And besides, the sandbox has other writable area, /home/sandbox, still unused.

It would be reasonable that if an action returns a application/zip or whatever other file format, it is downloaded, exactly as happens if the request is done via a browser.