Account being deactivated

I recently received an email stating that my account has been deactivated, but I believe there may have been some errors with the deactivation.
As a student, my ChatGPT account is only limited to my own use, and I can guarantee that it has not participated in any activities that are against OpenAI’s rules. The only possible reason for the deactivation of my account could be that I have been using my ChatGPT API in different servers around the world to reach lower ping for my friends and teachers, and I may have used ChatGPT web on these servers which might be detected as a suspicious activity.
Moreover, I am currently in the middle of a project investigating the feasibility of ChatGPT for high school students and the comparison of GPT3.5 and GPT4. As a result, I cannot think of a way to finish this by the end of this semester, so I really hope my account can be reactivated for me to use it for academic purposes.
Does anyone know how can I appeal for a reactivation of my account? If my account is reactivated, I will immediately change my password and enhance the safety level of my account. I tried to use, but when I entered my email account for the appeal, it said my account doesn’t exist.

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