Accessing the internet with GPT4 API


I want to replicate a flow I created in the web version of GPT4 with the GPT4 API. This flow requires GPT4 to search the internet for data.

However it seems like that GPT4 API cannot access the internet by itself. Is this true?

Another approach I came up with is to ask GPT4 to produce the search terms, then I perform the search myself with Google/Bing/etc. Does anyone take this approach? Any limitation/caveats I need to be aware of?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

ChatGPT does exactly what you describe for users in the background, when using the API it is up to you to perform these tasks in your own code, this gives you full customisability, you can choose the search engine you wish to use and how that data is presented to the model as context.

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Thanks for your reply. So I can’t use the GPT4 API to access the internet, is this correct?

That’s correct, you need to handle that part yourself.

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