A simple version of Space Invaders with Codex

Inspired by @vertinski I created a simple version of Space Invaders. It took a couple of prompts and I had to find a couple of images for the Player and Enemy but here’s the prompt I used:


#Define a python function for playing the classic Space Invaders.
#Display playing field using pygame library.
#Display a score.

import pygame

Prompt Parameters:

Response length: 225
Temperature: 0.5
Top P: 1
Frequency penalty: 0
Presence penalty: 0
Best of: 1


Hey, this one looks cool! I will check it out when near my Python machine :+1:
How was the workflow with tweaking multiple prompts? I’m working on that stuff right now — dealing with the memory span of Codex…

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I often used the “Regenerate” button when I thought the code did go in the wrong direction. I also then used the “Poor Completion” button but I don’t know if that has any effect.


Correct - these are for longer term. They are meant to be the feedback on specific completions, so we know which areas to focus on improving. Thanks, good feedback about this not being documented clearly.