A program which uses emojis to reflect a picture with the AI's feelings

This is obviously not the sexiest program on earth. But I thought that the API’s ability to pick up on sentiment could be leveraged to use some basic emotional representations, in this case, (copy right free)pictures! I built a small example of what that could look like.

For now, it picks up on only three emojis “:heart_eyes:,:angry:,:smiley:”, but the list can easily be filled up with more images and emoji relationships. Sorry I haven’t commented much of the code, this was my first go of Object-Oriented programming. I think the most appealing thing about the API to me so far is how easily I can apply some complex ideas into action.

You can find the program in this github repository


Sorry if you think some parts of it are buggy. The image does not load until you actually try an input, I’m working on fixing that, but everything else should work. Also, the prompt does not update, which means you’re always starting from the same prompt. Didn’t really get to learning how to do that yet, but that’s next on my list. API and Organization keys need to be filled, otherwise, this will obviously not work.



This was the public version too, mind you. I actually believe GPT-3 has serious potential of being a companion.

Plus, something to try maybe, adding serious ‘Master/Slave’ dynamics can really provide more rigid inputs.

For example, if I didn’t specify that ‘Rosa’ doesn’t joke, quite a lot of outputs would be technically a waste if you’re looking for answers.

I’m hoping these projects will be useful to someone, I never programmed before, so I wished I had a template to be able to go off of at least, that’s why I like to think I’m sharing these.

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