A game jam where GPT3 came up with the theme

Hello everyone! When I’m not using GPT3 to make games I work as a business developer at a game incubator, and this weekend I’m organizing a game jam. I struggled with coming up with a theme, and had the idea to just have GPT3 do it for me. So i had it generate a bunch of them and I’m now running a poll where participants can vote for which one they like best, I think they turned out quite good :smiley:

All the world’s a stage
The whole universe is a big game
You are the controller
Reality is a computer simulation
The future is a video game
Battle for control of your mind
You are a robot detective
The world is ending
It Begins at Home
The Search for Love
The Third Wheel
Too Old to Play with Toys
Coming of Age Story
A game that makes you feel guilty
Escape from the real world
Becoming a hero
A game about a sentient object
Racing against the clock
Dealing with other people
Different ways to play the game
It’s my first time
You must beat an expert
Create a game in 6 hours
You have to work with someone you…
The future of food
Fixing a broken machine
Overcoming a fear
A lot of explosions
The process of moving on
The fear of the unknown
Finding yourself
The theme is a secret

I’ll get back to you when the winning theme is announced :smiley:


these ones hit different xD

I don’t really remember exactly what i wrote, but it was something along “Create a list of interesting themes for a game jam” and used Davinci Instruct, and then cherry picked the interesting ones :slight_smile:

And the theme ended up being “The theme is a secret”…