A ChatGPT API Client for Your PHP Applications

Hi all,

Our OpenAI API Client for PHP (released last year) has been updated to support the new ChatGPT and Whisper APIs.

It is free and open source, and allows you to integrate ChatGPT, Whisper, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3, DALL·E, Codex, Embeddings, or Moderation into your PHP projects within minutes.

The package is also listed on the OpenAI documentation’s community libraries page.

Please feel free to take a look, and let me know your thoughts.




Hi everyone,

We have updated our announcement post and documentation to clarify that GPT-4 is also supported.

Please see our examples documentation for details on how to use GPT-4.

Happy coding!


How can I integrate into my php project without using composer


Hi James,
YES, I’m very old school :frowning: and don’t use the other software clients that make your API easy to use.

However, can’t I just download your API to my server and include it via PHP include statements?
If yes, is there a simple page that makes that easy?

thank you!!

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Hi there @dickson & @larryk,

The recommended (and documented) way is to install it using Composer.

In theory it may be possible to install it another way without composer, but you would need to do your own research on how to do that.

All the best,


Hi Larryk,
Did you manage to find a way to install without using composer?