A bug that lets GPT-3.5 view images

When you send an image to GPT-3.5, after the model answers your image you recieve a red alert that says “You’ve reached your limits of messages. Please try again later.”.

You can bypass this by selecting the GPT-3.5 model under model menu, right under the model’s message and GPT-3.5 reviews your image and can read and review what’s in the image, after that happens, you renew the page and face with a black message box that says “You have reached the GPT-4o limit. GPT-4o is required to continue this chat because there is an attachment in the chat.” and next to it is a black button that says “New chat”, writing what you want into the message box and pressing that button sends the message through and also gets an answer. With this method you can still chat with the model.