"500 Internal Server Error" happened when I trying to delete a conversation. ChatGPT 2023年11月10日

This is a conversion made on june. It was too long so I didn’t want to use it anymore. But a few days ago, I found out that the history chat cannot sync to my IOS app. So I currently found this error that I think it is the cause of my sync problem. This bug really make me frustrating.

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actually, I can’t do anything to this conversation that is too long. I can’t Rename or delete it that both give me the 500 error code.

I’ve encountered the same issue, is there a solution available ?

I’ve found a solution. Click on the conversation you want to delete, go to the first entry of the conversation, and edit it. Change it to anything, for example, ‘What day is it today?’. Click ‘Save & Submit’.

At this point, ChatGPT will delete all the conversation content that follows this message. This way, it won’t be ‘too long’ anymore.

Additionally, the relevant conversation will also be resynchronized with iOS.

It is especially important to be aware that the content of the current conversation will be lost!!!