50 Prompts per 3 hours as a paid service is far too limiting

Hi all,

Hope this is the place to give feedback. Because it’s severely frustrating to run constantly into a usage cap and get locked out for several hours even though the service is paid for. I use GPT 4 for image generation to use for a DnD Campaign and it is really getting limiting. Also doesn’t help that prompts that simply do not complete due to errors on the generating side still counts toward the 50.

Would be great to see more leniency towards the cap and to maybe even increase it fully for paying customers.


Have you considered switching to the API instead?

Personally, I don’t think that paying less than USD 1 per day for access to ChatGPT incl. GPT-4 and all the benefits that come with the paid version is such a bad deal. I understand that the limit can be frustrating if you are in the middle of something.

Perhaps a daily limit would be easier to navigate?! Just a thought…


This prompt cap seems really unfair to me. Half ot the time GPT4 generates an error message (network error, error in the message stream, etc.), I have to regenerate the answer… and I suppose these counted as normal usage.


Yep, I managed to get about 3 complete responses out of 40 messages today!

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I was curious about the various GPTs that have been talked about and that got me to spend $20 for my first month. It didn’t take long to use up my 40 for 3 hours. As far as I’m concerned. The only reason to pay for ChatGPT is the GPTs. I use Google’s Bard and I use MS Bing (which used ChatGPT 4. I’m fairly certain I will cancel after this month and maybe come back later.

It is a very communist approach if you think about it, this is like paying money into an electric meter every time you want to use electricity. I have just paid $24 from the UK and I inserted way less than 50 prompts and still got a usage cap message.

my message cap reached after just 18 message. realy wtf is wrong with this company. also 40 message is way to low for paid members


Short question: is the message cap rolling by message?

Happens here as well, its’ clearly not a hard ‘50’, it changes, I suppose with usage? But it’s not transparent.

To create any sort of Custom GPT with this usage limit is pretty much impossible. It would take years, lol. Imagine working on it, then after 20-50 messages you get cut off for 3 hours. Yeah that kills the creativity, inspiration and joy all at once.

20 USD for 40 messages per 3 hour = Cancel my subscription after 1 month.


my message cap reached after 20 message this morning.

nice…hahha I’ve found that the chances of making mistakes are getting bigger and bigger lately.

yep, I actually didnt realize there was a message cap I upgraded and in no time BAM I get “you’ve reached your limit” They wont get another dime from me thats for sure, lesson learned.

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Half of my messages are spent correcting ChatGPT…

Have you thought about using the API… or tools built with the API?

Does the API consume less tokens than the Web interface?

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Are you referring to ChatGPT Plus?

I’m charging $0.05 to $0.10 for non-commercial and slightly higher for commercial use on mine… but it’s quick and easy… I’m adding images to most of my tools now…

I also moderate the /r/DNDai subreddit if you wanna stop by. We’ve got a lot of great gamers there doing incredible stuff with AI.

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You should try using Perplexity; they have a huge limit for the same price. I guess around 600 messages per day. It can also generate images. Plus, I find the copilot feature and the option to use open-source models at 125 tokens per second very useful. You can use my referral link to get $10 off: https://perplexity.ai/pro?referral_code=GNMALAPT

Alternatively, you can use a tool called typingmind.com. It has a one-time cost, and then you can use your API keys to pay as you go. It also has the features like Browsing, Code Interpreter (Javascript) and option to create your own plugins.

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me too… I had the exact same experience as you!

That’s ridiculous. I have ChatGPT Plus, and I’ve been using 3.5 more than 4 because of this limit. I don’t have time to wait for the system’s goodwill for 3 hours. Canceling my Plus subscription in 3, 2, 1…

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