23,786 words? GPT 4 or Plus?

I have written my own book/ notes but I am not a writer, these have been notes I have written over the years and don’t have the money to pay someone to format my words/ notes into a Book. I am not I.T. savvy i.e. I like I.T. but I.T. does not like me. If i subscribe to GPT plus $20.00 monthly will GPT accept my request for help or deny me because of too many character?

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Welcome to the dev forum.

The newer models should be able to handle that amount of info. If not, with a ChatGPT Plus account, you can create a Custom GPT and upload word files, etc. So, as a writer myself, yeah, it should be helpful. Might even be able to take all your notes and give you an outline to work from.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes …


Thank you very much, appreciated :slight_smile:

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@dellingermiguel - Welcome to the forum. Check out the prompting section for help with constructing an appropriate prompt. This would make a huge difference in your responses. Try to refer what temperature and top-p means in this way you could tune your model even further to fit your use case. Hope this helps, cheers!

I think uploading your writing (a word file) and then instructing would be more efficient. Suppose you inserted your whole book; hypothetically, ChatGpt accepted your input… it will be chaos.

So, you can place them different word file and upload then work.

Best of luck with your books. :slight_smile: