Question: Editing Book in MS Word?

Hello! I’m searching for advice. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Situation: I’ve just finished writing my first fiction novel (73,000 words) after about 4 years. At this point, I need a copyeditor to 2x check grammar/spelling, but that costs ~$900, so I’d like to use ChatGPT to review it. I’ve attempted to do this, but I’m facing a few problems:

  1. It can’t make suggestions directly on my .word doc
  2. I can’t copy/paste the entire 73,000 words at once.
  3. When I break it up into smaller bits, the ChatGPT will often go off script, no longer follow my request, and start (a) commenting on old posts or (b) answering in a general, less specific manner (i.e. ‘work on this’ instead of actually offering suggestions). Additionally, copy/pasting 73,000 words is a nightmare for my formatting and there is always the chance I mess up when doing this.

My question: Does anyone have advice for how I can best perform this ask of copyediting using ChatGPT? I’d love to save $880 if possible. Open to any suggestions, and thank you for patience as I’m clearly new here! :slight_smile:

Hey there and welcome to the community, and congrats on writing your first novel!

I think to start, I would ask the question: what do I need a copyeditor for ?

Most of the things you’re asking for already exist in Word. If you want more broad editing work done, like so you can pitch it to a publisher, I would suggest you go to a human for that unfortunately. Perhaps a literary agent?

The thing is, another human is going to be better suited to figure out what human readers want and how the work should be edited to accomplish that. An AI can give you more generalized advice in this regard, but copyeditors do more than just fix a spelling error. They ask questions and work with the author on overall structure of the content, target audience, reading levels, etc.

These things, whether they be choices made or recommendations given, are seldom incorrect. They are merely different. The reasons why they make those choices are because of the copyeditor’s expertise, something GPT doesn’t quite have yet.

2 Likes I think its like $12 a month.

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Great question - I’ll give my purpose more thought. Perhaps looking more into word as a tool. That’s also a great point about things being different rather than incorrect.

Appreciate the response, thank you!

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I didn’t know about Prowritingaid - thanks for the suggestion!

No problemo, I’ll give you a secret too. I have no idea about copyediting and such, I just saw your post, and asked Gemini. It takes some retraining, but I don’t think I’ve been off of Gemini, Youtube, this forum, and a couple other sites I frequent. Been a solid month since I’ve gone to reddit for anything. Same with Google Search. You can rely on what these models tell you (outside of obvious legal and medical situations), you really just have to ask the proper questions.

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If I could hang this quote on our forum like a live laugh love picture I would.

Best way to sum up prompting right there.


My friends/family are so mad at me because I just respond to everyone question with “I already told you, two months free, it knows everything”

Gemini can turn my 23,786 words/ notes into a proper book format?