2-people group chat with custom GPTs (hence on chatgpt UI)

I am exploring custom GPTs Actions and other advanced features where we can plug external app/API/data to chatgpt.

Fun project: I’m trying to create a 2 people chat where user A can chat with user B on chatgpt:) by embeding a little these Actions and advanced features.

I specifically wonder:

  • can I manages to associate 2 users A and B among all users of his bot, does he get to identify them each time they send a message by some ID/email that openai send them?

  • i know that chatgpt can pull message from an external database (like 'give me my last 5 best sales from my salesforces);, but i had the impression you can’t PUSH messages to a chatgpt threat with a custom GPT, so how chat would work? if user A comes to his thread, he would not see the ‘new/fresh’ messages sent by user B…unless he writes ‘hey gpt is there any new message’, which then would allow the gpt to pull/trigger the pull of new messages.
    But the database or external app can’t push new messages of user B as they emerge.
    At least that was my impression.

Maybe it’s just not possible technically today to do these 2 ideas above.

Many thanks for any pointers on this.

son of a b- Finally an interesting post.

So you want multiple users to engage the chat history of a single session.

so that whats said is rememberered?

(ill be honest, Its hard to read what you said)

the second part sounds too hard.

However there are many ways to do the rest - at the core its a “chat room” however you might want a private chat room.

Well… that youll have to solve.

In a pinch id make an IRC server but thats far too experimental.

You want something functional to then add a push to - well you need an embedded task schedualer.

That said… im still not completely certain what youre talking about.

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I am working on a similar idea, yes it’s possible, and yes you wouldn’t get new messages unless you ask if there’s any messages waiting for you, although you could theoretically add instructions to your GPT asking it to check for new messages before each of its responses, if you were so inclined.

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Thanks guys for the ideas/pointers. I’ll try and update here.