100+ GPT-3 Resources


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can you add my digital courses : GPT-3


Sure. could you share the links, please?

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Functional Part: GPT-3: A Full Guide - Part 1

Technical Part: GPT-3: A Full Guide - Part 2 : Transformers, GPT-Neo, BART & BERT & BART

Yes, for :

  • 28 instructional videos.
  • 6 documented and ready to use Google Colab.
  • A proven method to create Machine Learning apps with ease.
  • 3 ways to automatically launch Jupyter Notebooks.
  • 3 alternatives to GPT-3 for text generation and text summarization

If you master the playground of GPT-3, you only need the technical part.

And if you subscribe to my newsletter, you receive a discount code 2 days later. Otherwise, I think the coupon code NEWPART2 is still active with -30%

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Yay! My GPT3 course just got published on @Udemy! :tada:

Plus w/ Udemy, you get a certification, have unlimited access, & can buy 2 chapters for the price of one!

Register here: https://udemy.com/course/full-guide-gpt-3/

Congratulations on the launch, Vincent.

Could you please add copyaim.com?


Beautiful design, BTW.