You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4. You can continue with the default model now, or try again after xx:xx AM/PM

I would like to highlight several concerns and issues I have encountered while using the GPT-4 service. The main unacceptable thing is the Cap Limitation which is broken so:

  1. Message Cap Limitation: The foremost issue I have encountered is the imposition of a message cap, allowing me to send only a limited number of messages before reaching my cap. This limitation becomes especially problematic when the cap is reached after less than 10 messages, as opposed to the expected allowance of 40 messages per 3 hours. This constraint severely restricts the depth and continuity of conversations, hindering the usability of the service.

  2. Conversation History Discrepancies: Additionally, I have observed discrepancies in the conversation history. Specifically, old conversations are appearing as if they transpired on the current day. This misrepresentation of chronological data results in a disorganized and confusing conversation history, making it challenging to review and reference past interactions accurately.

  3. Reduced Productivity in Problem Solving: The GPT-4 service often refrains from directly providing solutions to problems or exercises but instead offers explanations on how to solve them. While explanations can be valuable, there are instances where immediate problem resolution is essential. This approach can be seen as unproductive and time-consuming, particularly when users seek efficient solutions.

  4. Performance Degradation: Users, including myself, have experienced a noticeable slowdown in the service’s performance. This degradation in speed affects the overall user experience and could be detrimental to productivity.

  5. Subscription Management: OpenAI has temporarily disabled new plus subscriptions, citing high usage. While I understand the need to manage server loads, it raises questions about the scalability and resource allocation for the service. I believe that more subscriptions should ideally lead to increased resources (clusters), resulting in enhanced performance. This, in turn, should align with a commitment to customer satisfaction.



I used GPT-4 about five times today and got the usage cap limit.

It happens really quickly. Quite frustrating.

+1 for me today. Using two chat within one hour and got the cap limit. Very frustrating with a GPT-4 Plus account!