You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 2:04 PM

i feel more like beta tester, not a regular subscriber. I have the sub of chatgpt-4 for few months and its always busy, always something… so annoying…

Right now it’s telling me the usage cap for GPT4 is 40 messages every 3 hours. I get that GPT4 demand has exploded and there must be a usage limit. The app is so good it BEGS for serious use, and I’ve gotten so much value out it that it makes my $20 subscription look cheap. Nonetheless, I look forward to when it stabilizes and can be used at a more serious level. 40msgs/3hrs is too restrictive for serious use, particularly when its capabilities are also dialed back regularly. I, like many others, spend an annoying amount of time addressing its mistakes when it goes into ‘stupid’ mode after having just been brilliant for hours.

Same here , cap limit after 11 messages ! Please fix this limitation.

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I accept there being some cap. With none it would get very slow, and the lowering may have been for that reason. But dynamic plus the lowering is not only way too low, but by being dynamic = usage sensitive, it exactly violates what we’re promised for Plus. that we could use the service without the uyser load constraining us with Plus. Well constraining us dynamically- due to usage load- is exactly the opposite of the promise. I’m not leaving yet, will give them at least a little time to become reasonable again, but right now is the exact opposite of what we got Plus for and if it continues long woukld be intolerable. Get more cpu and memory, and NO dynamic cap. I’d actually take it a little slower than it is (though not as slow as it’s worst times) to get a static, reasonable cap. Dynamic caps should be entirely off the table because they limit access based on server load, exactly what plus users aren’t supposed to have to deal with!

Same here… =/
It happened a few minutes ago, and it’s very frustrating.

I received the alert “You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4.” after just 20 messages (I counted them carefully).

This alert is completely inaccurate, as it’s nearly half of my usage limit.

Why am I being limited in using the service I’m paying for, which should provide me with its full benefits?

Does anyone think this is grounds for a class action lawsuit? This honestly seems like false advertising.

Same here, between 8am and 12pm I sent 16 messages, which was apparently enough to run into the limitation.
That is very frustrating.
Fix this or I will cancel my subscription.

I’m having the same problem and I just created a new subscription an hour ago. This is ridiculous. :triumph:

Same here, I just signed up for chatgpt+ this morning mainly to get to create images with dalle3. Chatted on and off a bit over couple of hours, generated a total of 4 or 5 images during this initial chat (several image generation errors occured during this timeframe also), and now I also have reached the limit. Seems limiting for my $24 (inc vat) per month :open_mouth:

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15!!! Prompts, i counted them, now I have to wait for two hours to use it again??!!
Change this or i will cancel and just use the 3.5 Model, it makes not such of a big difference to me

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This is crazy. They suddenly change the usage cap. What the hell am I paying for here. And I have to wait 2 hours to continue my work!! Even the quality is going down . Cancelling my plus subscription, this bullshit is not worth it!

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I just paid to use GPTs and Dalle. after q while I see this message, and I need to wait 2 hours to continue working? it has no sense, free version doesn’t have limitation, and when you pay you have it.

Won’t renew for sure


Cant we just have the old model back, have the 50 messages again and not a lazy model. Because the lazyness is getting worse. It takes many queries before it actually does what i’m asking. Sometimes I have to yell at it, and then suddenly it does what I ask. But by that time I lost 5 queries in 20 seconds…

Even the API has been affected since last week. I was having a spanish lesson every day for weeks (automated script) and then suddenly last week it started responding it can’t make html or send e-mails… I jsut told it that he had to create a spanish lesson formatted as html so that i can send it through mail, but it seems to suddenly think I’m asking it to do it, and offcourse it doesn’t likle to do anything anymore. Sometimes i ask it transform data, and it answers that it is not capable of doing something, I then need not convince it, that it is capable, and suddenly after a few other queries it does what I ask…

Where is the time that we had a good model, I want to turn back the clock. I hate the multimodal model.


same issue for me here…
why do i spend money for 3 generated logos?!

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Limiting the number or time of messages and interactions is a direct violation of the terms and conditions of switching to the Plus plan in accordance with the banner which explicitly states that the Plus subscription includes “Everything in Free”, while the free version explicitly states “Unlimited messages, interactions, and history”. So Plus must have “Unlimited messages, interactions, and history”.


unfortunately my “cap” has been used up by “! Error searching knowledge” replies where they literally perform a bing search in the background. Why are we paying for this again???

You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 6:11 PM. Piss off! The stupid thing hasn’t worked all day now i am getting capped as well as my gpt getting booted? Seems OPENAI are just conforming to the bureaucracy, copyright mob. It won’t be long before its useless.

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I completely agree that OpenAI is bureaucratic.

If you decide not to cancel your paid subscription and would like to have more frequent conversations, I think the next best option would be to join the team plan.

Do I need to upgrade to team plan or cancel? I need to generate many more images.

What is other AI image generator that is on par with DALLE? can someone help?

You can use the programmatic API with a funded API account, and make calls to generate DALL-E 3 (or 2) images directly and pay for them.

DALL-E 3 is $0.04-$0.12 per image, depending on the size and quality selected.

DALL-E 2 is $0.02 at its largest size.

40 images equivalent to ChatGPT DALL-E wide = $3.20

(Now ask why ChatGPT has limits…)

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