"You have Sent too many Messages to the Model, Please try again later" Reason?

I’m kind of new here, but… i somewhat know that they’re are others who have this issue.

I have a GPTPlus (GPT-4) account on my Phone, I have been using it quite diligently.

Although, when i have been using it, the message “You have sent too many message to the model, Please try again later” Pops up sometimes.

Its been kind of disheartening, but… I have sometimes throught that it was the Chat GPT message limit system, although… i thoughts Chat GPT 4 accounts had unlimited messages (with size limits).

I am a little curious about the reasoning behind this message, as it tends to pop up usually when im in the middle of an idea.

Am i getting this message due to a bad network, an overloaded or full catche, or some other reason?

Hoping to find an answer to my question, and hoping to enjoy this online wonderment with others.

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Welcome to the community!

By subscribing to a ChatGPT+ account and utilizing GPT-4, you are granted the privilege of unlimited access to GPT-3.5, along with the ability to send up to 40 messages every three hours. Should you be part of a Teams account, this allowance increases to 100 messages within the same timeframe, whereas an Enterprise account affords you an unrestricted number of messages.

I can understand the confusion around this. This is by design, not a flaw. It’s worth noting that you might not always reach the 40-message threshold during peak usage times, as efforts are made to ensure broad accessibility. However, take solace in the fact that your ChatGPT+ membership guarantees swift responses and limitless interactions with ChatGPT-3.5.

I hope that this helps you! (If this answers your questions please click the checkbox beneath this post to mark it as your solution.)

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ChatGPT-4 currently has a limit of 40 conversations per 3 hours. It is not unlimited.

chatGPT is designed to have a limit on the number of messages you can send even if you are a plus account, which may be a deliberate flaw.

I’m paying for plus and I’m still getting this message even for 3.5
I wish that was more visable before i signed up. 40 messages is pretty limited

That specific message usually pops up when you send too many inputs in a very short amount of time. You get a different message for hitting the regular cap (which isnt always 40 these days, as I’ve hit the cap at only 20 messages several times).

I have plus too, and I almost typed a few maybe 3-4 questions before I got this message. I literally never had any warning message from the chatbot while it was using for free for months, but after - paying 20 eur - it is fully unavailable now. what the actually f is goin on ?

The same thing has happend to me today. I have typed 2 prompts and its saying i’ve hit my limit. What is wrong ?