'You exceeded your current quota

Hi I created an OpenAI account yesterday and was granted free credits of 5$.
I tried to use the api key and got this error that my quota has exceeded.

Infact not even a single penny has been used from it. I am attaching screenshot for your reference. How can this error be resolved ? Please help.

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this clearly shows that I have not used any credit from 5$ but still I am getting this error

That you were NOT granted free trial credits is the problem. That was discontinued over a month ago now.

An API account will have to be funded for use, by purchasing a dollar amount of credits to pay for the services. That’s under settings->billing overview, where it’s going to say your credit balance is $0.00.

Then, it’s been taking a bit of time after that purchase to get the API working. You can spend that time looking at how new “projects” under API keys works and generate your API key.

so after purchasing the credits will I be able to use the API ??

Yes, money from a credit card ($5 min to start), phone verification when you create your first API key, and a supported country is all OpenAI needs, there’s no other business approval or such.

when the time has come, you will know it’s time you need to pay the man.