With all the reported degradation in GPT 4's performance (at least on Reddit), do you still think ChatGPT Plus is worth it, and much better than GPT 3?

While I haven’t noticed a decrease in performance as much, I believe other users when they say they do: that in at least some areas GPT 4 is worse now than it was a month to months ago. For me GPT 4 is about as good as when I first subscribed back in September.

While I have no reason to doubt that some users experience a performance degradation there is something the avid observer will note when following these discussions over time:

For months on end users are coming in and report something like “yesterday/ last week / last month everything was fine but today…”

And this is seemingly independent of the issues caused by high traffic or the random bugs happening every once in a while (plus actual DDOS attacks).

The truth is probably that working with LLMs effectively and consistently is harder than what one would believe after the honeymoon phase.

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