Will there be a way for Codex to read LUA documentation?

I am a LUA developer and I would like to see how the AI interprets with LUA seeing how many people dislike coding with it. Specifically for the CitizenFX framework.

Well, Codex doesn’t currently support lua, however if you ask chatgpt to help you code something, it provides extremely helpful information and can provide exact code if you aren’t proficient in programming. It can also detect errors in code you send. But I suggest you split up complicated tasks into sections as can’t provide exact code for extremely complicated tasks, e.g. Instead of asking it to code an Ai roblox waiter bot, split it up into sections like this:
How to create a pathfinding script
How to make the bot find players
How to make a bot serve drinks to customers
Also, note that it can use past information from your chat to understand your needs better. For example;
How to use Roblox lua script to code a pathfinding script
How to make the bot detect players with a lua script
How to make it go to the player
How to make it serve a drink.

Also, make sure not to split it up too much to avoid hitting the chatgpt hourly rate-limit.