Why should I even pay for my Subscription anymore when I get nothing back?

Hello @logankilpatrick ,

why should I keep paying for my plus subscription if I dont get really something worth back?

GPT-4 on Subscription is getting dumber and dumber and the nerf is now at a point which is almost like gpt-3.5. It is almost fast as 3.5, but the almost the same reasoning.

GPT-4 on subscription is so nerfed down, that it sometimes cant remeber the last prompt.
Everyone is noticing this, but you act like nothing happens and this is a stab in the back for all who are paying for this.

Raise up the limits from 25 messages every 3hours.
Make GPT-4 like it was, before the Reasoning Purge.


I agree that, and unsubscript now.


6/27/23 … & ChatGPT4 sucks more than ever. I wish I could reproduce all the work I did in April/early May, but GPT4 is too dumb now to do it.


Join the exodus. Unsubscribe to send a message

I’ve just unsubscribed. It’s gotten so much dumber it’s so frustrating.

Same here, I’ve been waiting for several weeks now it’s over I will unsubscribe. It seems to me that chatgpt now brings more frustration than usefulness.

You do realize this is a community forum for developers, right?


and as a developer i’m noticing it even worse than others…


same here, gpt-4 has reached its lowest level right now in July, it gives terrible outputs and while trying to fix it I immediately reach the 25 question limit. I’m getting tired of this