Why isn't OpenAI fixing any of their front-end UI/UX bugs, no matter how many times we report them?

Time and time again, I get unclickable links. This has been going on for MONTHS, and I’ve reported it MANY TIMES - I even got a reply once thanking me for the report, so I know they read it … but still no fix?

I tell it to remember to give me URLs, and it says “Memory Updated”… then never does what the memory remembers it should do. As best I can tell, “Memory” is an utterly pointless feature which does exactly nothing.

It can’t count past 99 - wraps to 00 when it tries.

When you add to its memory, the “Manage Memories” option is always missing the memory that just got added.

But the main annoying thing, is that even though we report all this stuff (and I have, more than a few times over many months now) IT NEVER GETSD FIXED. OpenAI is raking in more than $2bn now, from us, but they’re not lifting a finger to fix any of the bugs we’ve been suffering for so long? What’s going on inside there??

Thanks for being THE OTHER voice in the wilderness here :rofl: Yeah it’s quite astounding how bad the UI/UX of OpenAI’s products is.

There’s also stuff like all URLs changing all the time, meaning setting bookmarks for anything is completely pointless, then everything always requiring very recent browser versions, otherwise you’ll be getting invisible JavaScript errors etc. and stuff just doesn’t work, then completely strange presentation of features / navigation, etc. etc…

OpenAI, your AI is AMAZING. But PLEASE hire proper UI/UX people! I’m available! :slight_smile:

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